10 Powerful Affirmations To Begin Your Day With

Want to start your day with positivity, love, and excitement? Try these

Sagrika Oberoi
2 min readAug 29, 2022
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Our mental state depends on things we constantly tell ourselves. Negative self-talk can push us towards anxiety, fear, and stress whereas positive self-talk can uplift us to peace, love, harmony, and confidence.

Affirmations are powerful empowering words that we choose consciously to tell ourselves.

10 affirmations to begin your day with

  1. I am enough, I am ridiculously enough.
  2. I am in the flow of life.
  3. Creative energy flows to me and through me.
  4. I feel love like never felt before.
  5. I am filled with a surge of energy that radiates.
  6. I am the creator of my reality
  7. I am grateful for all the love that flows to me
  8. I am whole
  9. I am complete.
  10. The universe has conspired, my biggest dream has manifested.

Affirmations have a lot of power. When we affirm something, it becomes reality over time. These affirmations can be practiced within 1 hr of waking up in the morning.

You can paste these affirmations somewhere around your desk, near the mirror you first see yourself, or you can write them in a notebook where it is easily accessible to you. Make sure to read aloud and visualize it by closing your eyes, and feeling it deeply in your heart. The idea is to give enough power to the thought so that with time it becomes your reality.

We are the Creators of our own reality. We create our reality through our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Therefore, it is extremely important to train the mind to begin the day with positive thoughts.

Start practicing them daily and you’ll see a significant difference in your mindset and positivity levels.

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