3-Min Evening Routine

If you want to win your day, start the night before

Sagrika Oberoi
2 min readAug 31, 2022
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We’re all busy with work, family, and hobbies, struggling to manage our days. we rarely have time for complex routines. Want to learn a simple 3 step evening routine that takes 3 mins? Let’s dive in.

1. Plan a highlight of the day or your OBG( one big goal)

Most of us have a habit of setting a to-do list. I use to make a long list of tasks and miserably failed to accomplish all of them by the end of the day. That’s when I found this simple 3-min rule.

The idea is to focus on one big goal for a particular day. Your OBG defines your day. ok, ask yourself this. If I could accomplish one thing today. what would it be? That’s your OBG. It should be meaningful enough that if it’s all you achieved, it would be a productive day.

For example- writing a draft, building a critical system, completing client deliverables, etc. Your OBG will be your deep work for the day.

So step one is to identify your OBG for tomorrow

2. Plan one act of self-care

Spending time with yourself can help you in so many ways.

It’s good for our health, creativity, and keeps us sane. The busier we get, the more important it is to have time each day for yourself.

Some ideas for “me time” are - Meditation, Morning walk, Quiet reading time, journaling, and taking time to self-reflect.

The idea is to heal your mind, body, and soul. and come back with double the energy.

3. Plan an act of service

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. — Mahatma Gandhi.

There lies great happiness in the service of others.

Here are some examples: Make a call, Make them a meal, review their work, or Make them smile. Do at least one good deed per day to help someone else, without expecting anything in return.

Now, schedule these things on your calendar, what time tomorrow will you do each? Block the time to do them.

There you go, you have 3 main tasks picked up and scheduled for tomorrow half the work is done already. Now you can start your mornings with a clear mind and have a fulfilling and productive day.

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