The top 5 Podcasts that’ll help you improve your life in 2023

A Podcast can teach you more than any business school (for free)

Sagrika Oberoi
4 min readJan 11, 2023
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We, Humans, are designed to evolve.

unlike other creatures on the planet earth, we’re the only life that is largely undefined, all other creatures are structured in a way that it is defined as to what it is. you can’t expect an ant to be better than it was yesterday.

That little creature is ingrained with a certain set of capabilities and it can’t go beyond that. but the beauty of being human is we can be whatever the hell we want to be. from having that desired body to running a dream business and having loving relationships you can have it all if you’re ready to put the required focus and energy to it.

we’re the most sophisticated and intelligent life on this planet. agreed?

so, no matter where you’re in life right now, don't feel helpless, we all have to start somewhere and the first step.

This year let’s make a conscious decision to create a life you want and strive to be better each day.

In today’s article, we’ll be going through a number of podcasts that can help you rewire your brain and improve your life in 2023. so, let’s dive in.

The Top 5 podcast to improve your life in 2023

  1. On Purpose — by Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a well-known monk who turned into an entrepreneur. He applies the lessons he learned as a monk to his own life, personal and professional and he spreads this knowledge to others through this podcast and other mediums on social media.

In his podcast, he talks about time management, productivity, psychology health and nutrition, love and relationships, and everything in between. I’ve been listening to his podcast for more than a year now and each time his insightful conversations never fail to disappoint.

Things you’ll learn

  1. growth mindset, systems, and frameworks for success.
  2. He also shares his life lessons that are immensely helpful
  3. Role of consciousness, self-awareness, and self-reflection in improving the quality of your life and finding happiness in serving others.

2. The Tim Ferris show

Tim Ferris the author of the famous book 4- hours work week.

Things you’ll learn

  1. strategies, tools, and routines of world-class performers in the area such as investing, sports, business, and art.
  2. Money management.
  3. Exercises, routines, and habits of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

3. Huberman lab — by Dr. Andrew Huberman.

He is a tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford school of medicine.

Being a neurobiologist himself his central goal is to make scientific knowledge easily accessible to the masses. on his podcast, he explains how our brain is connected to our body and controls our behaviors, perception, and health.

Things you’ll learn —

  1. the science behind motivation and focus.
  2. Nutrition diet and fitness
  3. science behind psychology, consciousness, mediation, and many more.

4. The Tony Robbins Podcast-

This podcast will give you insights into how to be successful in life and in business. Tony Robbin is a global investor entrepreneur and #1 NY best-selling author. this podcast is a complete package from goal setting, productivity, and mindfulness to business strategies this podcast has it all covered for you.

Things you’ll learn —

  1. happiness, goal setting, and wealth creation.
  2. Mindfulness and meditation to achieve peak performance
  3. Productivity
  4. having better relationships and how to let go

5. The side hustle show — by Nick Loper

№5 on the list is The side hustle show, and the name says it all. This will help you with creative side hustle ideas. if you’re someone who wants to ditch the conventional 9–5 route of earning money and are looking for some side hustle ideas, then my friend this is definitely for you.

you’ll learn:

  1. stories from successful side hustlers.
  2. How to turn a side hustle into a business
  3. creative side hustles ideas.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy exploring and learning as much as I enjoyed writing this for you. happy to share this list with you all to kickstart your self-improvement or entrepreneurial journey in 2023. I really hope that it adds value to your life. The best thing about podcasts is you can listen to them on the go from walking, and driving, to working out. They are easily accessible and packed with knowledge( and all for free) how cool is that?

This year there is no excuse for not getting started, and improving your life.

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” — Zig Ziglar

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