Why you Need to Enjoy the Process

Sagrika Oberoi
2 min readJul 26, 2022


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Every one of us wants to grow, and achieve. we enjoy great careers, successful relationships, and people to admire our journey. we have always been taught to dream big no matter how high the stakes are.

The process of becoming the best versions of ourselves is never easy.

There are days of highs and lows, happiness and sadness, and sometimes feelings of giving up altogether.

whatever goals you are trying to accomplish building a business, a creative dream, or preparing for a competitive exam, it won’t always be smooth sailing. No matter how passionate you are, there will be times when things will go wrong and not work out, and you will question it all.

But it is in these moments that we start focussing on the end result, our goal. It will suddenly seem so distant and impossible like everything is trying to prevent you from getting there. This is why it is vital to learn to enjoy the process.

we get so busy achieving targets and reaching goals that we completely miss out on the little good things happening on a daily basis. The smaller wins, get masked behind the larger goal. It’s important to celebrate the smaller achievements at every step of our journey.

Even when you are passionate about something you will have moments of lack of motivation, but this often is just because you need a break, and time to slow down and refuel, Not because you aren't putting in the required effort or working hard.

when you don't give yourself a break, that’s when you break your passion. The rest is as important as the break. It doesn't mean that we have failed to build a constant momentum.

We all need breaks to recuperate and get back with adequate energy. If we see it as part of our journey and enjoy the moments, as much as the busy moments the whole process becomes fun and enjoyable and doesn't seem like a chore.

If we fail to enjoy the process, we will never be satisfied and eventually give up.

Final Thoughts

we generally postpone our happiness for the future and believe that our happiness lies in accomplishing so and so tasks. But let me tell you it’s an illusion, a cycle that keeps repeating itself. Because the right time will never arrive until you allow it to. If you want to live a successful and fulfilling life, you will have to change this mindset of postponing your happiness and joy for the future and start falling in love with the process.

“As you search for a person, place, or thing, be prepared to continue your quest, should the end result not yield your desired outcome. Enjoy the process and you’ll avoid disappointment” — James A. Murphy

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